#YouKnowWhat is a project that informs and encourages citizens to participate actively in the discourse surrounding Macedonia’s accession to the EU and issues related to the upcoming referendum. It is a two-month project, implemented by Democracy Lab Tetovo, in partnership with USAID Macedonia and 7 local partners.

At its core #YouKnowWhat aims to provide a space for public dialogue on topics related to EU policies and to demonstrate potential benefits for Macedonia as an EU member state.

#YouKnowWhat reaches different communities and engages individuals by:

  1. Organizing policy dialogue events in 7 communities, where local residents can interact with local and national experts on topic of interest for the community
  2. Implementing an informational and awareness-raising social media voter education campaign on voting, EU values, and advantages for the members of the union.

EU Policy Dialogues

The EU Policy Dialogues are local events happening in 7 communities (Struga, Shuto Orizari, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Bitola, Shtip, and Kavadarci) throughout the month of September. The events give local residents, especially the younger population, a chance to learn more about certain topics that are of interest to their community and are related to the EU.

The EU Policy Dialogues will feature an Expo walk-through gallery, where visitors can get information on specific EU policies and how they have impacted certain EU countries. There will also be public dialogue sessions, led by a moderator and several guest speakers (local, national, and international experts) that will share more in-depth insights into the complexities of the chosen topics, giving an opportunity to the public to engage and ask questions.

#YouKnowWhat campaign

The campaign is focused on providing information and raising awareness on the importance of voting as one of the most important democratic rights a citizen has. It aims to educate the citizens of Macedonia about the positive outcomes of the accession process and of becoming a full member of EU by highlighting facts and success stories for EU Member states.