What we do

Democracy Lab aims to strengthen democratic values in Macedonia and the Balkans with a special focus on youth and civil society organizations by:

Building human capacity

Our primary focuses are young journalists, social science and information technology students, youth leaders, and grassroots organizations. We are committed to nurturing a new generation of change agents who will help advance democratic development in their respective communities and Macedonia at large.

Fostering active citizenship through civic engagement opportunities

We are working towards a Macedonia that is a nation of citizens, not idle spectators. We contribute to achieving this ideal by providing research, advocacy and outreach, and program design, tools and resources for civic engagement activities.

Digital support for active participation and accountability

For a democracy to work, citizens must hold the government accountable. In the age of information this can be streamlined by using modern technology. Supporting initiatives to develop digital tools and resources to empower citizens to actively participate in government via truth-based advocacy and social monitoring is key to promoting democratic values in Macedonia.

Awareness and public debate

Among the essential attributes of a free and democratic country are respect for human rights and freedom of speech. As such, Democracy Lab is committed to raising awareness for topics relevant to Macedonia’s democratic development and fostering freedom of speech by discussing relevant topics via public debates.